Welcome to the School of Pure and Applied Sciences

The School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) forms one of the 15 schools of Mount Kenya University and has a student population approximately 1100. The School targets at providing Pure and Applied Sciences as a major vehicle for attaining and sustaining industrial development of Kenya which is consistent with the vision 2030 Economic Pillar.

In line with the university’s vision and mission, the School is committed to raise the skill competencies, and the numbers required to make Kenya a competitive industrialized nation by developing centers of excellence in the training of, technicians, para-veterinarians, biotechnologists, actuarial scientists, ecologists, entomologists, molecular biologists, chemists, statisticians, and agriculturalists among others.

Our programs offer high-level education and research training on basic and applied sciences in cooperation with highly qualified faculty staff, aiming to develop students into researchers and, innovators as well as highly specialized professionals with broad vision, excellent research skills, and ability to adapt them to rapidly changing demands in line with Kenya’s vision 2030 goals